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ESS Protect

A Better Way Forward

Farmspace Systems LLC and League Of Your Own collaborated in May 2020 to build what was initially named Project COVID Finder. After initial testing was completed successfully, EnSenSys was founded to manage the project, and we've renamed it ESS Protect.

EnSenSys is integrating state of-the-art proprietary spectral sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) to capture virus signatures (starting with the SARS-Cov-2 virus) using a unique, innovative Point-of-Passage Portal.  This portal is designed to;

  • Capture an image of viral-laden aerosolized droplets in exhaled breath;

  • Apply AI-enabled software to identify viruses, based on a library of virus images that can be expanded as new threats emerge; and

  • Employ ultraviolet light to disinfect the portal between occupants.

The ESS Protect process is projected to take 10 seconds per person, providing fast, accurate, non-invasive, entry/no entry at airports, ports of entry, military installations, governmental buildings, and other public, transportation, entertainment, and commercial venues. 
The ESS Protect approach provides a known, healthy and safe environment.

The ESS Protect Portal functions similar to walk-through airport scanners and can be installed in high-traffic areas including schools, businesses, entertainment, and sports venues, government installations, airports, ships, and other similar locations to identify individuals exhaling contagious pathogens, provide an appropriate medical protocol to such carriers, and collect anonymized data to identify hotspots where cases abound. No personal data is collected. No biowaste is produced.

ESS Protect is cutting-edge technology that has the potential to revolutionize how infectious diseases are identified, managed, and mitigated! There Is no need for social distancing or masks once an individual is cleared through the portal, providing secure work, entertainment, and commercial venues that permit our nation and economy to return to pre-pandemic operations with confidence and trust.

During the DHS Silicon Valley Innovation Program Virtual Demo Week Sep 2021, CEO John Castellaw and CTO Al League answered questions the COVID Finder project. Watch it here!

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