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To face the challenges of imaging the breath exhaled by cattle, we partnered with the University of Tennessee to obtain access to a herd for initial imaging.  We learned what modifications we would have to make to the ESS Protect procedure to create our livestock imaging protocol.

Our breath scans are compared against known lab test results from PCR swabs administered just prior to data collection to confirm the presence of infectious diseases.  We are currently building a signature library of a multitude of livestock diseases including BVD, RSV, and more.

ESS Protect will be used at point-of-entry passages to identify potentially sick animals before they come into contact with healthy herds.  Scans could thus be performed as cows are processed by a veterinarian, or prior to entering a feedlot.  Animals with infectious diseases will be rapidly identified and isolated before they can spread their illness to the rest of the population.

We at Ensensys would like to give special thanks to K&M Veterinary for assisting us with our animal research!

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