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A better way forward

Who are we?

EnSenSys consists of a diverse set of individuals bringing together a unique collaboration of technologies and trade crafts to develop solutions applicable to addressing the critical challenges to minimize the effects of the current pandemic and preventing future pandemics.

Our Mission.

Develop and deploy applications and solutions to provide rapid mass screening to identify viral presence in effluent breath. We are developing these solutions to result in healthy and safe environments across many industries and environments.

Our Future.

EnSenSys is focused on developing solutions for a healthier and more secure future. EnSenSys solutions are cutting-edge technology to revolutionize how infectious diseases are identified, managed, and mitigated! Our goal is to eliminate/minimize need for social distancing by providing secure work, entertainment, and commercial venues that permit our nation and economy to return to pre-pandemic operations with confidence and trust.

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Our Team

Who We Are

About: Our Team

John Glad Castellaw, Lt Gen USMC Ret.

Chief Executive Officer

"Glad" graduated from The University of Tennessee at Martin (UTM) with a degree in agriculture and a commission in the Marine Corps. During his 36 years of service, he flew over two dozen different aircraft, led Marines ashore and afloat around the world, served on joint and combined staffs and in senior service positions managing multi-billion dollar budgets and programs. Since retiring, he has continued as a national security expert focusing on food, energy, and climate security. In 2014, he co-founded Farmspace Systems LLC. a provider of remote sensing equipment and software.

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