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Welcome SVIP Visitors!

We are proud to be a part of SVIP Demo Week 2024 where we can share our experience performing this novel research.

Our Mission:
Protect People, Animals, and
Our Shared Environment

Welcome to Enterprise Sensor Systems (Ensensys).  We are developing technology to rapidly detect the presence (or absence) of pathogens in humans, animals, and the environment using hyperspectral imaging and artificial intelligence to identify spectral signature of the threat.


Unique collection and synergies of experience

Our team was formed in 2020 as a collaboration of small businesses and a university medical research center. Our team comprises a wealth of experience in specialized sensing technologies, developing solutions from concept to deployment, as well as advanced research and development of medical devices. The team's objective is to develop rapid, non-invasive, accurate, subject agnostic screening devices capable of determining, in seconds, if an individual is positive for a respiratory viral infection. We are in our second series of human clinical trials at a nationally known medical center and are concurrently conducting animal research with academic research and commercial partners.

New visualisation of the Covid-19 virus_edited.jpg


Advanced Sensing Solutions


At EnSenSys, intelligent and non-intrusive sensing solutions are at the center of all we do!

Fast, accurate, non-invasive screening for asymptomatic, symptomatic, and pre-symptomatic viral carriers is required to achieve security and safe entry in a multitude of environments. Our primary goal is to uncover creative sensing applications that help create a brighter, safer future for everyone, everywhere. Our proprietary spectral sensing solution, validated by researchers in a bio-containment lab, and the application of our technology will radically transform  point-of-entry screening for infectious virus.

Our unique sensing technology collects the spectral makeup of an effluent breath with no bio-waste.  Artificial intelligence analyzes spectral data to determine viral presence of known or unknown infectious viruses. 


Our objective is simple - healthy environments through proven  "future-proof" science.

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